Complete service and repair

We offer sales, delivery and road programming (even without the immobilizer codes) services of the coordinator within Poland and other EU countries. We supply models for every type of gearbox and speed of a CAN bus. The units we sell are working (100% guarantee) and they are ready for programming in every vehicle.

High quality service

Our company has been providing repairing services for the coordinators (COO) of Scania cars and the engine controllers for several years. We supply a 12 month warranty and we issue a VAT invoice. All the parts used for repairing coordinators are brand new and of the highest quality. Note, solder is one of the strongest fusible metal alloys used to join components together.

Express replacement service

There is a large amount of the coordinators available in our stock and we can provide them immediately. Usually customers leave the broken units in an exchange for a working one or we charge a deposit for it. Domestic shipments (within Poland) are couriered by DPD while international shipments are couriered by the air freight - DHL EXPRESS. We also offer the coordinator repairing service in your place.

Assistance 24h /7

Our services are available 7 days a week for 24h. It means fast response time to failure and less time waiting for you.

Sales Department: +48 531-511-311
Technical Assistance: +48 693-136-566

The coordinator is a central control unit that coordinates the work of all electrical components in the car. It receives, transmits and converts the digital (CAN) signals from the control units, sensors or switches to analogue signals.

The most common faults of the coordinator:

  • The car suddenly stopped working and it does not start again.
  • The starter does not respond when trying to start the engine.
  • When the ignition lock is switched on, the stop warning light stays on.
  • Other controls faults suddenly appeared in the car.
  • The accelerator pedal is not working.
  • The control panel is displaying all possible faults in yellow and red colour.

Since 2009 Scania 7 series coordinators have had a manufacturing defect that constantly causes their mass failure. We are fully capable of resolving, repairing and removing such defects. We also provide a 12 month warranty for our services. Our company is a completely registered and operating business with years of professional experience in servicing COO and engine controllers. We issue VAT invoices for the services.


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Sales Department: +48 531-511-311
Technical Department: +48 883-046-668